Hi... Warmly welcome. This is Muhammad Maaz and I am a Web Developer & Designer. As a web developer and designer, I have worked in many languages and on several platforms.

I've 3+ years practical experience with wordpress design and created 300+ sites in last few years. I did work as a eBay and Amazon online store manager, so i have this experience too, i.e. listing products, make variation and multilisting and much more. 

I do have a designing skills. I work fast and efficiently and you will get guaranteed quality result.

So the question is why do i created this blog? So the simple answer is I want to teach others what i have learn't and what i experienced till now in my life. I want to polish the skills of others. 

This blog is all about education and technology. you will find everything related to web development, Video Editing, Graphic designing etc.

So be in touch with me to learn everything what i know. You can also send me messages about what you need and want any help. I will be there to help you.  

You can use this to contact me on social media 

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