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In this video tutorial I will show you how to take a screenshot in Win 10 without using any other software. So it is a very easy method of taking screenshot. Win 10 offers builtin 3 ways to help us in taking screenshot. The 3 ways are:

1) By using key combinations

Yes friends! You can use a different key combination to take screenshot. Just hold window key + Shift + S to activate screenshot area. And then by using right click on your mouse, you can select the area you want to capture. After selecting the area just open the paint and press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot. Finally save the image in your required file format.

2) By Using Snipping Tools

The second method is by using Snipping Tool. Just go to Cortana and search for Snipping Tool. Then open this application and click on new. Then capture the area by using your mouse. And finally save your file. You can also edit a captured screen. For example if you want to circle anything you can use pencil tool here. Please watch the video below for better understanding.

3) By Print Screen (prtsc) Button

The third method of taking screenshot by using the print screen button on your keyboard. This button is located mostly after the F12 button.If you want to take screenshot then press the print screen button, then go to paint and paste it. But the problem is it take the screen shot of whole screen. You can adjust the picture in paint. Finally save the file.

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